Annual Slam Madness Poetry Slam- March 22-24, 2019

About Slam Madness

Slam Madness is a weekend long, poetry slam tournament hosted by Johnny C. Weaver that operates in the manner of the NCAA March Madness tournament. A big fanatic of the sports scene, Johnny C. Weaver had the idea of placing poets into brackets, as in March Madness, and letting them slam, mano y mano! The first Slam Madness consisted of 16 poets competing for a $200 Grand Prize and was held at Cafe & Then Some in Greenville, SC. The second Slam Madness offered a $700 Grand Prize and was held in several venues! Since then, Slam Madness has grown to hosting 32 poets from across the nation! Poets compete throughout downtown Greenville for a chance in the Championship Bracket and $2000 in cash prizes!
During Slam Madness, we also have a Youth Poetry Workshop that local youth attend for free! Poets participating in Slam Madness spend one-on-one time with these youth and help them in building their personal writing and public speakings skills!

Special thanks to our sponsors:

Metropolitan Arts Council of Greenville SC
Wits End Poetry, Inc.